Business of Law Podcast – Predictive Analytics, Compliance and Risk

Join Modern CELA as we speak with Alan Gibson (Attorney, Business Developer at Microsoft) and Matt Kral (Director, Digital Risk Solutions at PwC) about their partnership in building predictive analytics tools. We know data is important. We know it helps us to make better decisions, spot trends, and mitigate risks. As an attorney, I always thought that was to be left to data analysts and I could not see the value to my practice. Alan and Matt have changed that narrative by using Microsoft technology to build incredible solutions that helped our legal department better support our business clients and protect Microsoft. After we speak about their individual career journeys (1:05), we learn more about the partnership they formed and the purpose of the solution that they brought to market (5:40), how they moved from a culture of “reactive” to “proactive” in solving critical problems (11:40), the building blocks of the solution (16:51), the future of the solution and compliance analytics for Microsoft CELA internally (21:54), how to get all customers excited about the solution (25:35), the effect of the pandemic on interest and needs (33:00), challenges they faced (36:27), the future for the legal industry in this space (43:25), and how we can listen, learn and help our customers derive the value they seek (48:13 (when Alan asks if it’s ok to mention something controversial…yes of course! Thankful for those last words of wisdom! )

Alan mentions that we should speak to Chris Nelson (Assistant General Counsel leading Compliance Analytics Program internally in Microsoft CELA with a fantastic team) next. I agree.