Business of Law Podcast-We have Robots!

Kenneth Kozakura (Advisory Analytics & Automation Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers), Rob Greenall (Sr. Program Management Manager-Legal Operations at Microsoft), Tom Orrison (Director of Legal Operations at Microsoft) talk with Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel-Modern CELA (Legal) at Microsoft Corporation) about the decision to partner with PwC [2:26], the kinds of digital transformation projects that the PwC team does for Microsoft [5:15], challenges that brought Microsoft’s Legal Operations to Ken’s team [7:33], end-to-end engagement for this project [11:30], how the teams selected processes for automation [15:20], the provocative reaction to the pilot (we have robots (!!)) [21:14], appreciation that our work is hard, but a lot of fun, interesting and energizing [22:19], finding the right technologies for the right problems [25:04], automation demo [30:52], wins and learnings [35:22], bridging the new capabilities into the legacy stack [37:22], what the future holds [41:14], recommendations on partnering with organizations like PwC [44:23], closing comments [45:56].

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